This first year of of the project ended successfully. A lot of thanks to all those who contributed, especially to the speakers at the workshops. Currently we are collecting data. If there is interest in a contribution the project with load or other data, please write the contact person at ISE.


Description of the project

Electric storage systems are a key technology for a decentralized energy supply and hence for the transition to renewable energy. In medium-sized enterprises, an important sector in the German economy, electric storage systems are installed rarely. The project DABESI (»Datengetriebene Auslegung und Betriebsführung von dezentralen Elektrischen Speichern in produzierenden mittelständischen Industriebetrieben«) aims for an econimical optimization of the electric consumption in medium-sized enterprises by the use of electric storage systems.

To this goal five steps are panned:

  • Analysis of higly resoluted load data to identify the potential for electric storage systems as well as systematic inefficiencies

  • Development of a generic model for the optimal sizing and selection of storage technology under consideration of economical and company-specific conditions

  • Conception of versatile operation control strategies for electric storage systems with the help of self-learning algorithms if applicable

  • Development of a system architecture which allows to scale and combine storage technologies freely and the exchange of storage systems

  • Sizing, installation and testing of storage systems in selected enterprises

Work packages

System design

  • Interview of experts

  • 2 workshops

  • Identification of requirements for the system design including battery technologies, controllers and applications

  • Establishing a specification sheet

Acquisition and analysis of load data

  • Acquisition of load data

  • Building of a database

  • Automatic quality control and data analysis

Model for optimal selection and sizing of storage systems

  • Identification of applications

  • Customized data analysis

  • Building of a database for storage technologies

  • Development of algorithms for selection and sizing

  • Extraction of the developed algorithms in a software tool

Development of operation control algorithms

  • Concept of multi-criteria and generic operation control

  • Implementation, test and evaluation of control strategies

  • Implementation of load forecasting for anticipative control

  • Development of a GUI

  • Evaluation of operation control in extensive tests

System architecture for freely scalable storage technologies

  • Conception of a hybrid storage system

  • Development of a hybrid storage system

  • Installation and testing of the hybrid storage system

  • Implementing and testing of operation control

Check of Functionality

  • Development and implementation of IT structures

  • Installation of a test environment in the Digital Grid Lab

  • Test runs in the Digital Grid Lab

  • Installation of a test environment in selected enterprises

  • Test runs in selected enterprises


The project DABESI is funded by the BMWi. Central aims are the development of a software tool for automated selection and sizing of electric storage systems as well as the development and testing of a hybrid storage system.

Project Title Data Driven Sizing and Operation of Decentranlized Energie Storage Systems in Medium Sized Enterprises
Project Acronym DABESI
Project Identifier 03EI3022
Topic Selection and sizing of electric storage systems, installation and operation of a hybrid storage system
Coordinator Ernst Knoll Feinmechanik GmbH
Starting Date and Finishing Date 01/12/2020 – 30/11/2023 (3 Years)
Project Duration 36 Months
Funding 2.128.495 EUR
Effort 281 person months


  • 08.12.2021 - Technology workshop

  • 07.12.2021 - Webinar

  • 02.11.2021 - Webinar

  • 30.04.2021 - Online Workshop

  • 20.01.2021 - Kick-off Meeting

  • 01.12.2020 - Projektstart


Experts workshop

On 30.04.2021 an interactive online expert workshop with titel „Relevanz und Zukunft von Batteriespeichern in mittelständischen Unternhemen (Relevance and future of battery storage systems in medium sized enterprises)” took place. The report can be downloaded here , the sheets of some talks can be downloaded in the table below.

Beatrice Schulz, BVES e.V. Einführung
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christof Wittwer, Fraunhofer ISE Vorstellung DABESI
Markus Rosenthal, BVES e.V. Politische Rahmenbedingungen für Energiespeicher
Dr. Malte Thoma, Badenova AG & Co. KG Einsatz von Batteriespeichern in Industrie & Gewerbe aus Sicht eines Energieversorgers
Johannes Wüllner, Fraunhofer ISE Überblick der Anwendungsmöglichkeiten von Energiespeichern in Unternehemen
Jürgen Heller, Knoll Energy
Sebastian Adam, EDF Distributed Solutions GmbH
Erfahrungen mit Multi-Use-Anwendungen
Dr. Matthias Resch, Fraunhofer ISE Systemdienstleistungen mit Speichern

Technology workshop

On the 08.12.2021 an internal technology workshop took place. The participants were Knoll Energy, EDF Renewables, Enit and Fraunhofer ISE. Main objective was an exchange of software and hardware and a discussion about the future developments. Information will be provided soon.


On the 02.11.2021 and on the 07.12.2021 webinars with topic "Einsatz von Batteriespeichern in der Industrie" (application of battery storage systems in industry) was hosted. The record is available at the youtube channel of Enit.